Michael and Shavon Ballard met as friends in 2007. During that time, they were both involved with toxic marriages which later led to divorces. They found comfort in each other through ministry and their friendship, which later became romantic in 2014. By June 25th, 2016, they accepted each other as God-ordained soul mates and said, “I do." Shortly after getting married, they began growing their relationship coaching practice, Coach My Love LLC.

The Honeymoon phase eventually passed as real-life began to set in. They never anticipated facing the brewing tension of past hurts, insecurities, and their own toxicities. Despite seeking traditional counseling and advice from church leaders, they could not find help for the specific marital issues they were struggling with.

Their marriage took a turn for the worst when the Covid-19 Pandemic hit in 2020. Being out of work, expecting a new baby, in the midst of moving from Chicago to L.A., their marriage crumbled under the pressure. Even though they loved each other dearly, it wasn’t enough. By March 2020, they filed for divorce. This was ground zero for the foundation of their new marriage.

While quarantined together they were forced to face their issues more intensely than ever before. In the depths of their pain, they received a breakthrough from the Lord. Together, they embarked on a spiritual journey which took their coaching practice to the next level. It included fasting and prayer, daily Bible studies, acts of service, marriage meetings, and more. This spiritual journey brought them from divorce court to a happy home within 90 days! With God’s Divine wisdom and guidance, this became the benchmark of their new coaching strategy, Agape Coaching. As the first students to test their new coaching strategy, they stand as living proof that only with God can you transform your mindset from a failing marriage into a marriage that wins. To date, they have coached thousands of married couples around the world to find freedom, happiness, and wholeness through their coaching program, The Marriage Mindset.

The Ballards have a combination of 20+ years in the film & television industry and relationship development. Michael is certified with the American Association of Christians Counselors. Shavon is a certified relationship coach with a professional history of 10+ years in the medical field. She has also survived 12 years+ of Narcissistic Abuse and is now an advocate helping bring awareness and freedom to victims.

In 2019, the Ballards produced the award-winning independent feature film Friends, Family, and Lovers, which is now on Amazon Prime. Under God’s orders, they relocated their relationship coaching practice from Chicago to Miami Beach. Using their platform, they are changing the world by being the fastest growing Christian coaching couple on social media with reaching over 10 million viewers. They offer massive value by providing Free Relationship and Marriage Advice on several social media platforms. As a powerhouse couple, they are dominating the arena as published authors, producers, speakers, coaches, and entertainers.

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